Interview with Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars)

Mamoru Hosoda was in France to present Summer Wars. The film received good reviews there, even though most critics didn’t undertand what the film was about, some calling it a “nationalist film” (details in french). Hopefully, there was this great interview, here are some points I’ve translated:

About Ghibli

Ghibli is essentially a studio made to produce Miyazaki’s works, and unfortunately, not something else. Ghibli’s success put the animation production into a not heatlhy state, because today, in Japan, we think only Ghibli’s animated films deserve to be seen. When basically, there’s place for films from studio 4°C, Mad House studio or Toei, knowing new talents won’t come from Ghibli.

About Howl’s Moving Castle

To talk about Howl’s Moving Castle, my experience at Ghibli was really interesting. I was hired because at that time, the producer wanted to train new directors. Unfortunately, I didn’t get along with the staff on an artistic & logistic level, but still, I’ve learnt many things during my short time there. Because when I worked at Toei, I had this kind of teen state of mind: I wanted to direct complicated things, really dark and looking good. I thought to deliver a message I had to make tortured works. But in fact, while working on Howl’s…, I’ve realized being simple and clear was more satisfying to deliver the message. Even if it looks better, complicated things can’t reach the audience as well as simple ones. This is the best way to deliver a message. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time & Summer Wars are the results of this observation, so I don’t regret my time at Ghibli.

About Summer Wars

What I wanted to say is that, real or not, our relations with others aren’t define by the communication tool we’re using to express them. What matters is the relation itself.

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