The Best T.V. Shows You Might Have Missed

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Whether you where an old fan orsomeone who got interested in the show after it aired it saddens us to know it is nevermore. Here is a list of some of the shows you might have missed and now no longer making new episodes. Sometimes canceled for budget reasons, sometimes due to a low viewing audience, but whatever the reason….I understand your pain. These are perfect to watch after some action packed sports betting games via ดูหนังออนไลน์.

Fastlane-Aired 2002-Lasting one season due to budget difficulties. Featuring Tiffani Thiessen ( Saved By The Bell), Peter Facinelli ( Supernova), and Bill Bellamy. A flashy, think sexy cars and big explosions, show about no nonsense boss, played by thiessen, Billie and her 2 formar renagade cops going undercover.

Veronica Mars-Aired 04-07-Lasting 3 seasons. This show featured Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshell) as the daughter of a P.I. still in high school, and then on to college. Smart, witty, and curious Kristen Bell made this show shine. Each season featured one big crime she spent the season investigating. Season 1 was the murder of her best friend, Lily. In each episode she is also, either on her own or helping her father, solving crimes.

Firefly-Aired 2002-Lasting a sad one season, with 3 episodes not aired. Many, many people where upset about this one being taken off of the air. Joss Whedon show. Following came the movie Serenity. Featuring Nathan Fillion ( New tv show Castle). Sci-fi show set 500 years in the future. With Malcom as the captain of Serenity. Taking on whatever, even illegal, jobs he can do.

Miss Match-Aired 2003- Lasting not even 1 season. 11 episodes aired, 7 did not. This show featured Alicia Silverstone as a divorce attorney who loves to match make! The show journeys her conflicting life of divorce and match making.

Snoops-Aired in 1999- Lasting not even 1 season. With a total of 13 episodes and only 10 of them airing. This show featured Gina Gershon, Danny Nucci, Paula Marshall, and Paula Jai Parker as P.I.’s. It has been so long since I have seen the show and not many places offer much on the show to refresh my memory but I promise this one was worth a shot.

Second Noah-Aired 96-97- Lasting just under 2 seasons. Featuring James Marsden ( Xmen, The Notebook). The show was about a mother and father who adopted 10 children and a yardfull of various animals. This show was a feel good family show. Letting you into their world where even if everything went wrong they would get through it as a family.

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