Fall TV: Shows We Can’t Wait to Return

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The end of last season left many die-hard television fans on the edge of our seats. And while September may not be the most anticipated month for the kids who have to return to school, it is like Christmas for us waiting to put an end long-drawn misery of anxious anticipation of a conclusion to the summer cliffhangers.  

What will come of the Petrilli brothers? Will Sam evil side take over? Is Lana really dead, and what about Chloe? Could Ugly Betty get any better? Could we get more connected to the characters of Friday Night Lights?

So, what are the shows that I most definitely look forward to? And, what do I expect from these shows?


Heroes left us with some questions, but not as many as most shows like this. We definitely got a glimpse into what Hiro’s adventure will be like for the upcoming season. The show gave us no doubt about that. My questions go more towards the fate of the Petrilli’s. I honestly don’t doubt that either brother is really dead.

To me the season finale wasn’t as great as it should have been, but that doesn’t mean I am not waiting on the edge of my seat for season two. Nathan stood up to bat and shared a short emotional scene with peter, but I felt there was something missing in that department. I thought there should have been more with Claire. They hadn’t build that bond that both of them desired, still the writers missed out on what could have been a great scene.

Of course, if nothing else to look forward to, Sylar isn’t dead. I was afraid that we would see the end of him during the finale. I mean, he was the ‘big bad’ during the entire season; they had to get rid of him. But seeing him sinking into the manhole brought me a certain type of misplaced joy. He may not be the biggest threat this season, but I do believe he will be there to torment the rest of the heroes.


The cliffhangers from last season were more subtle this time than last. They are invoked by a few pivotal moments that carried the plot and not a big crash that left the fate of the Winchesters lives in the balance like the previous year. The questions were definitely there. Did the underlying evil finally grip Sam? He came back from the dead, but as what? How will Dean get out of his bargain before the contract on his life is up? How did their mother know the Yellow-eyed Demon? How many demons exactly did they release before closing the portal?

Every since Sam found out about his father’s death bed warning to Dean he has struggled with the fact that one day he could become the very thing they were hunting. Knowing the demon who killed their mother was building an army of some sort did nothing to stop his torment. The entire season he was content on not being a cold killer. During the finale, we saw he kill with a certain type of malice in his eyes. What does this mean for the next season?

Sam isn’t the only Winchester brother who is going to have a rocky year ahead. Dean has his own demons to fight. Although, usually very cocky, we learned that he is also suffering from very low self-worth. He doesn’t put very much value on himself, but would give up his own life for the people he loves. He did that in the finale, making a deal with a demon; his life for Sam’s. One year was all that he was giving. If he doesn’t find a way out of it, we will see Season Four return with only one Winchester.

Like I said, there are many questions to be answered. The brothers were finally able to avenge their mothers mother by killing the demon who has tormented them for so long. I have a feeling that something way worse than the Yellow-eyed Demon escaped that night in the graveyard. Maybe that was only the beginning. Maybe we will find out October 4th.


I can’t gather the words to express how ultimately pleased I was at the appearance of Bizarro during the finale of Smallville. I think of all the finales, this one really excited me and left me wondering. And, if you think Lana is really dead you must be crazy. It was completely obvious and plan as a milk truck that she faked her death. Call it woman’s intuition, call it common sense, call it what you want.

What about Chloe? We saw her use her meteor powers in the finale to save Lois, leaving her lying unconscious in the wake. Will she make it out okay? And if she does, will we see Clark’s side kick have a more, shall we say, hand’s on role in the saving of the people in Smallville and surrounding parts?

While I wonder about the other characters, my thoughts instantly gravitate towards Clark. The evil twin he had the showdown with in the finale is way more advanced with his powers at this point. Clark has some growing to do before he stands a chance against Bizarro again. It thrills me to see him discover and develop new powers; his gradual growth to become the Superman we all love from the movies.

Ugly Betty

I didn’t immediately jump on the ‘Ugly Betty’ train when it first premiered. After lots of media hype and urging by my online friends, I decided to give it a shot by mid-season. Love at first sight of that poncho is all I can say to explain my immediate fascination with the show. I instantly regretted not watching before and missing half of the season. Thanks to February reruns and for showing past episodes, I was caught up by the finale.

Betty is so easy to love and I caught myself really rooting for her, but the other characters also gripped me. Daniel and his struggle to prove himself as a winner have your heart full of sympathy. He was always second to his brother even after the sibling’s death and return as a woman. Justin, with his bubbling Broadway personality, is so cute and enjoyable to watch. I really admire the strength in that kid. He struggles with other people’s perception, but the staying true to himself the whole while; even winning the acceptance of his street-tough father.

My first impression of Hilda was she was very stereotypical; from her hair to her accent. I was resigned to hate the character. It was a pleasant surprise when she started to grow on me. I fell in love when she did and cried with her by the end of the finale. I can’t wait to see how she grows and overcomes in the new season.

What I love most about this show is the relationships; the loving one Betty already established with her family, the loyal one that she worked hard to build with Daniel, and the sweet one she wants with Henry. The comedy keeps you laughing, the drama keeps your enthralled, but the relationships keep you coming back for more.

Like most, I feel a certain amount of giddiness to this year’s season premiere. Not since the eagerness of the Season 2 premiere of Veronica Mars have I been this glad that September was finally here. I have hope that, unlike the second season of the once brilliant Mars, my now favorite shows will not disappoint.

**Supernatural premieres October 4th on The CW. Heroes premieres September 24th on NBC. Smallville premiers September 27th on The CW. Ugly Betty premiers September 27th on ABC.

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