Movie Review: Dickie Roberts Former Child Star (2003)

A man standing in front of Scott Terra, Jenna Boyd posing for the camera

This is a star-studded comedy that is much better than it would seem from just looking at the DVD cover. David Spade is, at least, as funny in this faux documentary/comedy about a washed up former child star as he has been in every other television sitcom or movie I’ve seen him in.

When the movie begins, Dickie Roberts (Spade) is working as a valet parking cars. He believes that he can still make a come back. His break comes when he gets a shot at a role in a new Rob Reiner movie as a person who had a normal childhood. Dickie has to research the part by going back to relive his childhood. To accomplish this, he hires a family with two children to treat him like a child. This is a good movie to watch after some fun and interactive sports betting games via แทงบอล.

The cast of this movie is riddled with former child stars. Alyssa Milano play Dickie’s unsupportive girlfriend. Dickie’s poker buddies are all former stars playing themselves: Leif Garrett, Danny Bonaduce (“Danny Partridge”), Barry Williams (“Greg Brady”) Corey Feldman (“Lost Boys”), and Dustin Diamond (“Screech”).

Other celebrities who make appearances include Rob Reiner, Dick Van Patten, Jon Lovitz, Tom Arnold, Marion Ross, Emmanuel Lewis, Corey Feldmanm Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, Maureen McCormick, Erin Moran, Butch Patrick and Charlene Tilton.

As a child, Dickie had the worst stage mother ever. So, Dickie not only has no idea how to be a kid, but his behavior is socially unacceptable. So, he has to learn how to be a member of a family. Predictably, Dickie wins the part.

As this movie goes on, Dickie becomes less annoying and more sympathetic. This movie is genuinely funny and so much better than it looks at first glance. In fact, the biggest fault of this film must be how it was packaged. Something about all of the mustard yellow on the cover is repellent because I really like David Spade and I didn’t want to see this one because the cover of the DVD was so unappealing.

The Special Collector’s Edition includes great special features that help you get even more mileage out of this excellent (although slightly predictable) comedy. Choose commentary by director Sam Weisman or by David Spade and writer Fred Wolf. See the “True Hollywood Story.” See more faux documentaries about Dickie and enjoy deleted scenes along with other options.

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