Why family is considered to be important?

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A family is considered as a group of people related to each other by blood or related to ancestors. Family is considered to be very important for a child’s growth. Family is the best protection we have in our life. A child depends on their family for their basic needs. Children are not able to survive on their own in this world. So family members are like teachers to children in their growing ages. They teach children to communicate with others. Family and relationships show love to us where no one can do better than them. And then they are responsible for children’s education. Family is important to control the emotional behavior of children. The family has several functions in society too. It is very important for maintaining the economic support of the members of the family. They will make us as a fully functional adult survive this society. Most importantly they will trust each other. Experiencing life together is the major goal of the family.

What are the different types of the family?

Family types are nuclear family, extended family, single-parent family, childless family, stepfamily, and grandparent family. A nuclear family is a family group having a man and a woman including their children. The children may be one or more. Extended family is a family type having a man and a woman with their children and also it includes grandparents, uncle, cousins, etc. A single-parent family is a family having a single parent with dependent children without the support or presence of other partners and children also the part of a family. This single-parent family is also called a forgotten family. A childless family consists of two parents with no children. They work and live together. Stepfamily was a family created by the remarriage of a widowed person including their children. It is also called a blended family. A grandparent family is a family with grandparents and children. These grandparents are responsible for the growth of children. As the family was divided like this but every family mainly focus on the children they have. They show love and protection to children.

How family helps us to achieve our goals?

Family helps us to achieve our goals. Everyone who has achieved great goals in their life was mainly based on the support of the family. They will teach us how to deal with the problem and help us to solve them. Whenever they deal with a problem whole family will gather together and solve it. They will tell their suggestions to achieve one’s goal. Family is the first support we have in our life. The family will never give up on us in unfavorable conditions.
They were honest, courageous, and most importantly patient with us. The advice they are giving is very valuable to achieve our goal. They are the motivation we have in our life to achieve great things in our life and without their guides, we can’t achieve anything.

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