Erotic Toys For Primary Erogenous Zones

oral sex toys

If you walk into a sex store or do a quick search online, you will find an endless array of vibrators, dildos, oral sex toys, and other products that are designed to stimulate the primary erogenous zone for both men and women. It can be difficult to know what’s best for you.

You may want to start by thinking of the type of sensations that you want.

Happy Rabbit Clitoris & G-Spot Vibe

The Lelo Soraya Wave combines clitoral and g-spot stimuli with a beautiful design. This rabbit vibrator features plush body-safe silicone and gold hardware fit to a queen. It has a curved shaft that teases your G-spot, and flexible bunny ear tips to tickle your clitoris to orgasmic euphoria. It also comes with two motors, which makes it ideal for partnered sessions.

oral sex toys

This USB-rechargeable bunny toy is packed with two powerful motors that are built into the sleek body. The curved head and long ear deliver intense stimulation to the clitoris. The thick shaft features 15 different vibration patterns and modes. Slather generously with water based lube and you’re good to go.

While it’s tempting to rush in and test out all the settings on a new rabbit vibe, Finn says it’s important to consider what you actually want a rabbit vibrator to do. For example, a curved arm may feel better on the clitoral ridge. Or perhaps a rounder head will stimulate your G-spot.

Dame’s Fin

Fin is a small, versatile finger vibration from Brooklyn-based Dame. It’s designed to feel like a natural extension of your fingers. Its silicone bulb slides over the first and second fingers like a band, locking it between the digits. Both sides have grooves for the fingers. The front has two sides, one with a pointy tip and the other a soft, squishy surface for different sensations. This can be easily flipped from the tips of the fingers and delivers pleasure to the clitoris when masturbating, playing with a partner or having an intercourse.

The vibe was designed by the femme-tastic duo Alexandra Fine & Janet Lieberman to intensify natural movement without interfering intimate intimacy. The toy is easy-to-use and fits a variety of hands and finger sizes, providing seamlessness that comes as second nature.

Wear the vibrate with or without the tether to adjust the intensity and find the sensations you prefer. The toy is asymmetrical. One side is more pointed, while the other feels softer. It’s fun to alternate between the two sides at your fingertips, near your palm, or above or beneath your hand. The vibrator can be recharged and is made of medical-grade silicon.

Vaginal Plug

In the nebulous world of sexual wellness tools, it can be hard to tell if something is a sex toy or a tool for self-care. Kegel balls are one toy that helps you build pelvic strength and stimulates your G-spot. Vaginal Plugs, or pussy plugs as they are also called, are a toy that is both sexy toy and wellness tool. They are a type of dilator that goes in the anus and can be used during penetrative sex or as part of solo or partnered play.

Plugs come in many shapes and sizes. Some plugs have a spoon shaped dip to stimulate the G-spot and vibrate. Others are more like medical dilators, and are used solely for wellness. This one, from Lovehoney, has a small, tapered shape with a two-hole pull ring and rests easily between the anus. The silicone is soft with a bit of give and the toy has 15 vibration settings. This is a good option for beginners who might not be ready to work up to a bigger, pricier toy.

Butt Plug

Butt plugs or anal plugs are a type sex toy that stimulates the anus. They usually have a tapered tip for insertion, and a flared bottom to prevent the toy from being inserted too deeply. These toys are loved by both men, and women. They can also be used as props in role-playing situations and for fun.

If you’re alone or with a partner, stimulating the anus will give you some serious booty quakes. Anal play can lead to orgasms, especially when combined with arousing pelvic-floor muscle stimulation and/or rhythmic pressure.

When using an anal plug, remember to always use lots of lube and be sure to clean the toy thoroughly between uses. This is because, just like with any sex toy, the anal region contains a lot of bacteria, including microscopic fecal fragments, that can lead to sexually transmitted diseases if they are not cleaned properly. It’s best to choose nonporous materials like silicone, Pyrex glass, or stainless steel — these are body-safe and can be easily disinfected in boiling water.


Lovehoney is a sex toy retailer with a huge variety of products. They have their own branded toys and lingerie as well as selling some of the most famous sex toys like Lelo We-Vibe Womanizer.

They also run a sexy Advent calendar every year and are famous for their 100-day money back guarantee. The brand is dedicated to enhancing sexual happiness and have won many awards.

Their website is very easy to navigate, and there is a full menu at the top. A full menu will appear when you hover over one of the main product categories. For example, hover over ‘Sex Toys’ and you’ll see a menu that includes vibrators, rabbit vibrators, dildos and much more.

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