Interview with Koji Fukada

Mid-November 2014, director Koji Fukada was attending a film festival in Paris dedicated to post-Fukushima Japan(ese cinema), to present his latest feature-film to date — Au Revoir l’ete — as well as talking about the state of Japan, and of course, of the Japanese film industry. We had an opportunity to quickly chat with the man, hope you enjoy!

Thanks Estelle Dumas, Lea Le Dimna

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Trailer for Boundless, Documentary on Johnnie To!

Hong Kong director Johnnie To is once again the main focus of a documentary. In 2010, there was Johnnie Got His Gun! from french documentarian Yves Montmayeur, which described To as an efficient director of crime films, an interesting take that felt somehow too superficial to be totally convincing. Continue reading Trailer for Boundless, Documentary on Johnnie To!

The Choices in Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer

(The video contains spoilers) The name behind this video is Tony Zhou, which always offers insightful comments about movies & visual storytelling — he’s done videos on Satoshi Kon, or David Fincher for example. It’s always an interesting way to underline what seems to be done so effortless one does not really notice it, even though it does affect our experience and understanding of the story. Continue reading The Choices in Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer

Teaser for Kitano’s Ryuzo And The Seven Henchmen

What has Takeshi Kitano been up to? More than two years after the release of his yakuza sequel Outrage Beyond, the Japanese director recently spoke out
about the current state of the Japanese film industry, during a talk session at the 27th Tokyo International Film Festival (Oct 23-31, 2014) — where Kitano received the “Samurai Award,” which “commend achievements of filmmaker who continues to create groundbreaking films that carve out a path to a new era.” Irony? Continue reading Teaser for Kitano’s Ryuzo And The Seven Henchmen

Interview with Aaron Gerow

Earlier this year, we invited you to watch this insightful video interview with Aaron Gerow, who was talking about Japanese film theory — among other things! He’s a professor of Japanese cinema at Yale University, who runs the KineJapan list — one of the few places online where you can discuss Japanese movies. Continue reading Interview with Aaron Gerow

The World of Japanese Special Effects

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Godzilla, the Japanese TV network NHK has produced this incredible (english-friendly) documentary about the world of Japanese special effects — aka Tokusatsu. This 46-min long documentary serves as an insightful homage to those (starting with Eiji Tsuburaya) who created visually stunning effects that inspired generations of viewers. Continue reading The World of Japanese Special Effects