Why Asian should make a film about Bruxism

What is Bruxism? It is a condition of grinding and clenching of teeth unconsciously. This is always happening during sleep. Asian should make a film about bruxism to give awareness to the people. Most of the people that are suffering from Sleep Bruxism is most prone to sleep disorders, sleep apnea or difficulty in breathing and snoring.

Sleep Bruxism can lead to injuries such as headaches, damaged teeth, jaw disorders and teeth damaged. Those who have mild bruxism the treatment are not required. If you are not aware that you have Bruxism, you may develop serious complications. It is essential to know the symptoms and signs and seek a dental checkup regularly.


  • Soreness
  • Neck Pain
  • Sensitive tooth/Toothache
  • Grinding/Clenching of teeth
  • Face pain
  • Earache
  • Flattened and fractures teeth
  • Locked Jaw
  • A headache
  • Disruption in Sleeping

Causes of Bruxism

There is no proven evidence on what are the causes of bruxism. But the doctors explained that combinations of genetic, physical and psychological factors are responsible.

  • Sleep Bruxism is the grinding of teeth during sleep.
  • Daytime Bruxism is caused by stress, frustration, anxiety or tension.

Factors that will increase the risk of Bruxism

  • Bruxism can be genetic. If someone in your family is suffering from this disorder, the other members of the family may have bruxism also.
  • A personality like being competitive, aggressive and hyperactive.
  • Smoking cigarettes/tobacco
  • Caffeinated beverages
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Antidepressants
  • Stress, frustrations, and anxiety
  • This is common for young kids.

Bruxism for Asian Toddlers

If you noticed your toddler about moving their mouth and grinding their teeth while sleeping. These are all the signs that your toddlers have this sleep disorder. Researchers identified, that those children as early in their six months or as young as 5-year old may suffer Bruxism.

We need to protect our child from Bruxism.

Grinding of teeth may happen during sleep, but with young children, it can also occur at daytime. A survey says that 3 out of 10 children are having an unconscious movement of grinding. Here are some of the reasons why your toddlers are crushing:

  • This is a result of a medical condition, medications or cerebral palsy.
  • If your toddler is suffering earache or a toothache, grinding give they comfort.
  • The teeth are not properly aligned.

How to Treat

 If you are unsure of which one to use to treat Bruxism, healthyheroics website might help you lessen it because as of today, there are no treatments for Bruxism. We can only have ways to relieve the feeling of discomfort and pain. If you have a daytime grinding, physical therapy can help you to relieve and exercises like using Elliptical (www.healthyheroics.com/best-elliptical-under-1000-bucks). Have enough sleep can also help. Some dentist required their patients to use a mouth guard. But as time goes by the effectiveness of this mouth guard will be lessened.

How to prevent

The best ways to prevent bruxism are the following:

  • I recommend you to relax before going to sleep.
  • Avoid stress and reduce your anxiety.
  • Control your emotions.

How Bruxism will go away

Bruxism will go away after your toddler loses their baby teeth. This is the time when a toddler is free from this unconscious grinding and clenching.

This article encourages the Asian to make a film about Bruxism. This can help not only Asian but all the people across the globe to be aware of Bruxism. Knowledge is the key to save us from dangers.

Stuntmen on Using Trampoline

We often see in action movies how the actors are able to dive, to crash into boxes, jump from a high floor, and many other painful-looking stunts. This is how stunt men became our heroes. Not only they portray the role of the main actor or the supporting actor, but they are also able to portray the stunts perfectly. Most of the time, these stunt men use the trampoline to display more side somersault to finish the enemy in one blow. Using the trampoline is not easy. One needs to have the skills required to be able to be a stuntman.

If you found the right stuntman for your show, then you must find first the perfect trampoline for them. Basically, a lot of films are using the trampoline as to perform a lot of stunts that you can appreciate more behind the camera. The best thing about trampolines is it is adaptable. It can be used for high jumping, flying in the mid-air, martial arts, and other aerobatics or maneuvers we can see in cinemas and in our televisions. For a stuntman to show the right skills and tricks, a perfect trampoline must be present. Safety is our number one priority. Who doesn’t? We consider the height of the trampoline.

We make sure that it can bear the weight of the stuntman — checking its maximum weight capacity. We examine if the spring is durable and is rust resistant if the straps and ropes are properly assembled and will not be untied simply, if its frame is not easily deformed or twisted, and if its jumping mat keeps users from bouncing off incorrectly. If you think that you have reviewed these, then, this type of trampoline is the safest one on the market, and that you shouldn’t wait any longer to purchase it Being able to have the right trampoline and the right stuntmen, you will be able to get results of good performance.

There are a lot of demonstration a stuntman can show using trampoline — single back somersault, gain front tucked, gain back tucked, barani tucked, barani piked, barani straight, lazy back straight, twist to crash dive, full twisting front somersault, and side somersault. Though these are only some of the few terms they call their stunts, but there are other numerous stunts they can express. They make sure that by doing these stunts, they are properly trained in the precautionary measures to take before using a trampoline. One measure is their footwear. They either wear the proper shoes or on barefoot before jumping and doing stunts.

Not having proper footwear will lead some damages to the trampoline and injuries to the user as well. Another measure is the continuous care for the equipment. If you are already using the perfect trampoline, buying another one from the same manufacturer is the best thing you could do. Following this, you can already have a lifetime supplier that will benefit your business needs in the future. Now, we know that all the thrilling moves we see that our favorite heroes do, there are real heroes behind the scenes. It is never easy to be put in their shoes. They love what they do and they excel in what they do — and that’s a real hero.

Behind the Scenes: Production Behind Films

Throughout history, human beings have always found new and interesting ways to express themselves. The form and content of our expressions contribute significantly to our culture. Towards this end, new mediums of expression and communication have been created throughout the ages. Popular knowledge holds that it started with cave paintings and moved onto language which was recorded in the form of scriptures. In the modern age, many new discoveries and inventions precipitated new forms of expression. Most noteworthy of these are the new media formats of photographs and videos.

Video perhaps is the most accessible form of media. Even the lowest common denominations of society are usually able to comprehend video content despite their lack of formal schooling. This makes the method of audiovisual communication a good option to reach the masses. Even among video content, there is a great deal of variety. Videos can be in the form of simple vlogs that don’t involve much editing. Or, they could take the form of professionally made content created by film studies.

The latter is usually of much more interest due to the variety of interesting filming techniques applied. The high production quality is usually immediately evident. A-list actors, photo-realistic computer-generated special effects, excellent screenplay and writing are all hallmarks of big budget films.
Creating a feature-length Hollywood blockbuster is certainly an onerous task involving the efforts of an innumerable number of people working in different fields and tackling different aspects of film production. For example, a casting director selects the actors who will feature in the film, the make-up artists and costume designers model the appearance of the actors to fit the film, the lighting crew adjusts the lighting conditions on set, set directors to figure out the dynamics of the set, how it’ll be made as well as select the props that’ll be featured on it, etc. Basically, the creation of just a single movie is the combined effort of a cast and crew so vast that most don’t even realize just how many people it takes to make a make a movie.

Most people are usually only familiar with the lead actors and the directors of a movie. However, behind the scenes, there is an innumerable number of people working in the studio to bring the director’s vision to life. The credits scene is usually the only time we get to appreciate all the men and women who toil in the entertainment industry to bring larger than imagination movies to life.

Many things which we assume are not given much consideration are actually addressed to a meticulous degree. For example, most people don’t appreciate the creative approach make-up artists and sound artists have to take to implement their art. We simply see and appreciate the final result without considering the effort it took behind the scenes to make it. In fact, in many cases, we may not notice at all and take their work for granted. Ironically, it is when we don’t explicitly notice the work of different production teams that we can conclude their work has been commendable since this means they did their job perfectly and kept the illusion of the movie alive.

Nordstrom Merch For Movies

Nordstrom is a well-reputed luxury department store. People usually visit Nordstrom to buy fashionable clothes and accessories such as handbags and shoes. Being high-fashion, Nordstrom items are always in demand and the brand commands some degree of respect. While most items cater to use in general scenarios, a lot of the store’s merchandise is well-suited to be used when visiting a movie theater. Several of the stocked items are designed to boost comfort and relaxation when sitting in a hall to watch a movie.

These items, though having different forms and functions, are designed to alleviate common issues people face when watching movies. For example, movie halls are often fitted with very powerful air conditioning units which can make the theater too cold for someone who is sensitive to low temperatures. This, in turn, may cause the person to catch a cold. At a store such as the nordstrom yorktown mall, there’s a huge selection of clothes that can be worn to combat the cold. Wearing something that can keep you warm in a cold hall and improve your movie-going experience.

Another common problem that some people have when sitting in a movie hall is that looking up at the screen for long and continuous durations can strain their neck. To combat this problem, Nordstrom sells special U-shaped cushions that can be wrapped around the neck. This cushion is not only soft and comfortable but also shares the burden of supporting your head with your neck, resulting in less strain.

Some of the most popular merchandise that Nordstrom sells to movie-goers are movie themed T-shirts. These high-quality T-shirts come in bright and colorful hues with fun and witty graphics featuring characters from popular movies printed on them. While they don’t improve the movie-watching experience in a direct way, wearing a fun shirt is an easy way to show the others at the hall that you’re a huge fan of the movie that you’re watching.

Family planning films

Reproductive health films attract diverse stakeholders from all occupations. The rising cost of living and government policies determine the uptake of various family planning methods. Hormonal or non-hormonal family planning methods, a film will give you a practical look at the effects and the principles behind HSH methods for your own discretion. Health experts should direct the film since people tend to practice what they see. The narrator must give insights on all the family planning methods for the viewer to use his own discretion on the best method.

Hormonal family planning methods

Conceiving involves the work of the production of progesterone hormone which fertilizes the ova and prepares the uterus for receiving the baby. If not, a woman gets her menstrual period. Hormonal pills counter react and reverse the principle instead it releases oestrogen which inhibits the production of progesterone making you enjoy sex without the worry of becoming pregnant. The type of food increases the fertility levels of the women and that is why the natural ways are bound to fail. In a film, it shows the reproductive process and even gives the side effects of each hormonal pill. You can have the daily pill or the injection.

A once off pill “morning- after” pill consumed within 72 hours helps one-night stand individuals who have a regular cycle and so certain on their safe and unsafe days. Although, it should be used sparingly for it can lead to ectopic pregnancy (carrying a pregnancy in the fallopian tubes rather than the uterus, it is always an emergency and sometimes fatal. A film should give you the difference between a normal pregnancy and an ectopic pregnancy.

This form of family planning has adverse side effects on women with hormonal imbalance and related illnesses like the thyroid gland inflammation.

Non-hormonal family planning method

The Inter Uterine Devices (IUCDs)is a metallic rod which is placed in the cervix to prevent swimming of sperms to the uterus. It creates a barrier between the sperms and the ovum preventing fertilization. The metal is made of copper and has no side effects, recommended for individuals with hormonal imbalances. Condoms are also a good way of family planning. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control admit 70 percent of the youth population use condoms. The manufacturer admits that there is increase production of the family planning method among the young and unmarried population. The film demonstrates the use of condoms and the dos and don’ts in handling condoms as a safe family planning method.

Surgical methods

If you need to stop giving birth completely you can opt for tubal ligation for women or vasectomy for men. It involved tying the fallopian tubes and the urethra respectively. It is a non-reversible decision that requires counseling for couples to allow them to make an informed decision.

There is a myth that family planning is for the women. The truth is family planning is a collective responsibility of the couples and should be discouraged among the youth instead, they should condemn premarital sex. A film of family planning is an educative audiovisual content to alleviate ignorance and promote family planning literacy among the public.

Discover Asian Films

Wildgrounds invites you to discover Asian films of all genres. Find reviews, movies and DVD movies of the best movies in different parts of Asia. If you have suggestions or questions, feel free to reach out us. Let’s promote the rich culture of Asia through films.

Yellow Line – 1960 – Teruo Ishii

With the Chitai series, Teruo Ishii takes a long look at the Japanese shallows, where gangs, prostitution, thieves, drugs … in clear the renegades of society concentrated in an area, according to the episodes it will be Gangsters, a mafia network all powerful to finish modestly with a touch of irony on a small club managing a bargain prostitution. At the level of the actors, it will be practically always the same with headed Yoko Mihara, charismatic actress, Shigeru Amachi, a mysterious man then Teruo Yoshida, young dreamer.

For this first opus, we follow a trapped killer, here Shigeru Amachi, who on the road to his vengeance will meet a cute young woman, Yoko Mihara, a dancer to travel to Kobe for a new job she is unaware of Makes the finality. The trio is completed with a journalist, Teruo Yoshida, officially investigated on the network “Yellow Line”, but also in search of his girlfriend, kidnapped by a fugitive killer …

Loss of control

From the credits, the tone seems black, the sound background is a melancholic stroll played on the guitar of Hispanic influence, then a man explains the details of a work to a killer, the camera opens on a close-up of the Man to widen and show the two men, one face, the other back, the killer, to finally focus on a pair of keys of a hotel named “Domino” in close-up. With an opening like this, Teruo Ishii clearly states the scheme of his film, it shows us the essential in a few minutes. From a situation apparently under control people will get lost in a labyrinth, get trapped, encounter difficulties in arriving at the final, deliverance for some, at the exit gate for others.

Anonymous encounters

Teruo Ishii has the advantage of having a complete script in which he entangles the characters, each one meets, crosses without knowing each other. He plays with the worst enemies, without the latter knowing, taking advantage of the chance. It is also because he offers us a rich gallery of characters, ranging from the saleswoman of cigarettes to the prostitute or even the manager of a shabby hotel without forgetting a shoe seller a little trolling.

On the margins of society

The climax of history lies in the Kobe Kasbah, the perfect microcosm of a world outside known borders, in which both men and cultures collide. Teruo Ishii takes care to create the parallel between this shell and the urban world presented at the beginning of the film as emotionally cold and distant, with these wide streets and telephone booths allowing a certain way to connect men with each other.

It emerges from the Casbah a strange, indeterminable atmosphere with its narrow alleyways plunged in artificial light or most often in the dark. At times, the place gives the impression of being a kind of nightmare-like dream, nobody complains or at least nobody dares to do it openly, knowing the undesirable activities of everyone. One of the few to express himself is a completely drunk fallen poet, who in the rain in the middle of the street sells his book while urinating where he can and telling his stories.

In this microcosm, protected from the gaze of justice, the power of the Yellow Line emerges. Given the context of this area, it is difficult to grasp its limits because everything seems to be corrupted and rotted by prostitution. What does this network offer? Attractive young women to foreigners. Here, the Casbah is a twilight zone monopolized by decay, neither Japanese nor foreigners emerge indifferently.

Bad period

It is surprising to see that with this first opus, Teruo Ishii arrives perfectly to describe its subject, it makes no concession to this place malfamé whose besides the rules of life, strict, do not make survivors. We can think of this young South American, at least we guessed the amount of makeup she has on her face, fell into prostitution after falling in love with an ambitious young Japanese.

We also think of our killer, he who tells us his past as an orphan brought up in poverty with as the only way out crime. In fact, individuals are left in control of their decisions, there is no standpoint in contrast to the following episodes that will attach much more to a couple of main characters. Here, once arrived in Kobe, the narration is more freely, going from the side of our killer to the forsaken to the benefit of the journalist and stopping en route to the dancer. Teruo Ishii divides his narrative without embedding it in a rough tourbillon, it keeps a logic thanks to the many encounters of characters that we have often already crossed.

Sad Ballad

A dark episode in color, with a melancholic atmosphere, Yellow Line surprises by its sobriety and its black look on the Men, there are indeed very few artifices or special effects for some ultimately anecdotal murders. What Teruo Ishii is doing is letting men face themselves, immersed in a strange and unhealthy microcosm, serving as a pretext for their worst garbage, forgetting that they are the invaders.

Vengeance Is To Golden Blade – 1969 – Ho Meng Hua

Li Zhishan (Tang Ching), the owner of a well-known escort company, was the victim of a conspiracy developed by his wife Yuexiang (Kao Pao-shu) and Long Zhentian (Li Peng -fei), an enervated competitor. Li Zhishan is obliged to flee from his home with his baby and a servant, unfortunately abandoning his famous golden sword that falls into the hands of Long Zhentian. 18 years later, his daughter Xiaoyan (Chin Ping) will by chance meet his mother, this is the beginning of trouble.

Ho Meng Hua is a director capable of touching different genres ranging from the fantasy film (the Monkey King series) to Wu Xia Pian. In general, he brings to his achievements a superb visual richness that stems from an endless imagination, one is almost always certain to enjoy. Vengeance is a Golden Blade gets much closer to Killer Darts, another of his wu xia pian performed less than a year ago. As well as the scenario with the story of a girl who will have to confront her past as well as cast level with notably Chin Ping and Yueh Hua in the main roles.

Vengeance is a golden blade - 1969 - Ho Meng-Hua

After concentrating on the darts, Ho Meng Hua opts for the blade. It must be said that in all the narratives of chivalry there is at the center of history an overpowering weapon, the golden sword is a Chinese excalibur. At that time, good numbers of wu xia pian surf more or less skillfully on this kind of story, Chang Cheh, Cheng Kang or Lo Wei also participate in this frenzy. So why not another star director from the studio like Ho Meng Hua?

As with Killer Darts, the sword is a source of trouble: death, betrayal, fear … The weapon obviously shares the characters in two clans, the good ones and the bad guys. The vouchers are reasonable and include the danger of the weapon that must be destroyed. The bad guys exploit it without worrying about the problems.

Ho Meng Hua does not take a risk, it is a banal start that allows him to anchor his characters and develop his theme properly.
Many may think of Ho Meng Hua, accustomed to the grandguignolesque, that he is not the kind to really care about his story, that ultimately his achievements are more a lovely brothel enjoyment than anything else. Yet Ho Meng Hua confirms with Vengeance a strong attachment for the characters emerging from adolescence and going to discover the world and their past. It should not be forgotten that he is also the co-writer of the story, which allows to evacuate the doubts of an umpteenth production wu xia pian of the Shaw Brothers rather tasteless and truly bland. Because of this attachment, Vengeance is clearly aimed at a fairly young public like Killer Darts.

Vengeance is a golden blade - 1969 - Ho Meng-Hua

Chin Ping embodies the girl without a past history, she grew up in the middle of the mountains with a crippled father, a grandfather, a servant and a kind of brother. She is an innocent, naive girl who knows absolutely nothing about the world. So when she decides to go for a city tour, she has to face a totally unknown universe, she has never seen so many people, it’s a new thing. But on her way she meets a mature woman, owner of a brothel. She does not know yet but it’s her mother.

Ho Meng Hua comes to nuance his words and leaves his character free to choose and understand his past. When she discovers her mother, she realizes that her father has lied to her for ever, she takes affection for her mother without seeing her vice. Then she understands why her father lied to her, so she goes back to him. The girl through her experience comes to choose on which side it must be.

With this story, Ho Meng Hua portrays an unhealthy world, the city perfectly embodies all the vices of human nature like bets, brothel, crowd. Similarly, each character represents a specific value, the father is devoted to his daughter, the mother is a vicious person … Nevertheless, the film suffers from fairly average fighting which impose itself more as obligations of the kind than as the will of the director. It is absolutely necessary to rhythm the film by fighting which in fact replace any speech supposed to serve as settling of accounts.

There are the few battles with the famous sword that attract attention, you can not miss the golden sword that breaks the other blades and blind the opponents, it is one of the only points on which Ho Meng Hua drops a bit with the scene of the burning forest.

Vengeance is a golden blade - 1969 - Ho Meng-Hua

Vengeance is a Golden Blade is not a remarkable film of Ho Meng Hua, if the story is sympathetic, it suffers cruelly from the comparison with Killer Darts, film in which Ho Meng Hua always remained on alert to place some small ideas of Its vintage. The theme of Vengeance is still nice and interesting, it is served by a rather varied history with always a few little twists to keep us in breath. Vengeance remains an honest wu xia pian fulfilling very well the hard task of entertaining us.

The Bells Of Death – 1968 – Yueh Feng

In June 1968, The Bells of Death landed on the Hong Kong screens, directed by Yueh Feng a heavy weight touches everything from the film industry of this part of the world. Both the director and his films are not very well-known in France, surprising given the quality of the work …

The story is a fairly formal vengeance, a young man named Wei Fu (Chang Yi) sees his family being massacred by three brigands, his sister is kidnapped in passing. Following this tragic event he met by the greatest chance a master of a rare martial skill who after a stubbornness on the part of Wei will become his master. Five years pass, the young man goes to perform his revenge …

The Bells Of Death - 1968 - Yueh Feng

Chang Yi, Ku Feng, Chin Ping, Wu Ma … The performance of Chang Yi is quite remarkable, I had become accustomed to see him in roles of beni -yes-yes, acting in the name of justice, here it is totally the opposite, the character is disturbed, violent out of necessity, acting on his own account. It is also interesting to see the evolution of the character, who after his training acquires a certain confidence then with the encounters that he makes during his journey, understands the suffering from another point of view.

Yueh Feng surprises. The Bells of Death is very much influenced by the Italian productions of westerns, as well as chambaras, we know that both genres are cousins, it is enough to rethink the Yojimbo of Kurosawa and the For a handful of dollars of Leone , An unofficial remake of the first. The plot of Yueh Feng’s film story is basic, a few months ago Death Rides A Horse came out with an intrigue and a similar approach to the theme of revenge: a child hidden in a corner watches helplessly at the massacre of his family by Bandits, a few years later he launches in pursuit, each of them will be killed …

The Bells Of Death - 1968 - Yueh Feng

But what is so surprising to take a story? But no, we must not doubt Yueh Feng, as a director he fills us with happiness with his very rich staging. We can remember the sudden zooms on the faces of the characters, camera movements of a fluidity enjoyment … but the highlight of the show is the fighting because The Bells of Death is indeed a wu xia pian and that should not forget it.

The staging of the fighting is very varied, Yueh Feng not only tirelessly apply a precise pattern. It is far from filming the fighting as with Chang Cheh which generally captures the whole of the action or Liu Chia-Liang which allows us to appreciate at best his complex and wonderful choreographies. No, Yueh Feng does not forget that he is in a story of revenge, his fights are filmed in the same state of mind. He thus does not dwell on the action, preferring zoomed on the face of the hero or another character with in the background the horrible noise of the suffering inflicted on the individual. The director impeccably marks the violence of history which is above all a moral affair, physical violence follows in the following plan, the blood flows like Chang Cheh, There is no restraint. Wei Fu repeats in every fight his motto “a life for a life”, the law of the eye for eye.

This moral side is already present in the sequence of introduction, a man kills an arrow in the heart of a woman fleeing, another pierces the head of a child … The setting up of his horrors is attached To the finished facts, Yueh Feng never film the action in broad plan, he lingers on the face of the bandit then shows the result of the action. What could be more atrocious than seeing a man smiling as a child crumbles miserably and without defenses?

The Bells Of Death - 1968 - Yueh Feng

Let’s go back to the fighting. I speak of influence above, the “japanization” of the fighting is very clear, especially during the fight of presentation of the master, the man surrounded by several brigands, the men launch into the attack, close-up on the master performing everything A heap of movements, silence – the attackers are motionless, the man leaves the circle continuing his way, the men fall their bodies completely hammered. Still in the same idea of influence, the way in which Wei Fu puts his saber in his shoes reminds us of the samurai, he does not put the blade back in his scabbard at first but first slips the weapon on his scabbard Store it.

Then there is the fighting against each of the brigands, each of these scenes reflects a different atmosphere. The first battle takes place in a bamboo forest, one can still see the Japanese influence, in full darkness. This bandit is a coward trying by all means to absolve himself. The second fight, my favorite, starts in a pouring rain. The villain proposes to go to another place: a temple. The fight is going to be spiced by a small detail that gives all its charm to the scene, indeed each of the fighters pose on the end of his blade a piece of candle lit. With each attack, the candles are sent into the air, plunging our two characters in the most complete black. We see nothing, we can only hear the noises. This choice of combat is of a rare effectiveness, It is as if Yueh Feng told us that this duel is the business of these two men, not ours. For the last fight, it is a question of highlighting the smallness of a man full of arrogance, who without his favorite weapons and his men, is nothing at all. Yueh Feng happens to focus perfectly on revenge, in this regard, it should also be noted that we will not see the five-year training of young Wei Fu.

The Bells Of Death - 1968 - Yueh Feng

Apart from these famous fights, there is only one sequence in which Yueh Feng films broadly a fight, the one in the beginning hostel, a particularly violent scene (decapitation, limbs cut …) but which in the background Follows the schema explained a little earlier by marking the frontal horror of the act. In the passage, we can emphasize the scenes following the main fights that are really dazzling in their brightness and their bright colors.

The last remarkable element of this film is his music, extremely close to a soundtrack of an Italian western on which Morricone would have worked. The music itself is accompanied by another sound, that of the bells of death, its symbolism that resonates during the majority of the film, in passing it can also make think of the boots of the cowboys … Besides Yueh Feng does Not just the close-ups of the eyes / faces of the Italian western, he also resumed the setting up of a tension by filming the firm steps of individuals sailing towards their destiny (a fight).

The Bells Of Death - 1968 - Yueh Feng

The Bells of Death is a surprise, a true pearl of the Shaw Brothers. His director shows us his ability to vary the pleasures of staging, there is no visual facility in this film, at every moment Yueh Feng tries to interest us, to spoil us. I can not deny that the film has defects, as at times a montage rendering a key scene incomprehensible, but there is in this film such visual richness that we quickly forget this kind of problem.