Original Soundtracks from Asian Films to discover!

Track from Guardian of the Spirit

Kenji Kamiyama’s works are among the best of the 2000s, it’s clearly one of the japanese director to watch for. After GitS: Stand Alone Complex, he directed Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit, a subtle, simple and gorgeous looking anime, combining fantasy, adventure & emotions. You don’t know what to watch in September? Here’s your pick! […]

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Track from "Summer Wars"

If you don’t already know that you must watch Summer Wars, maybe, this track composed by Akihiko Matsumoto may convince you to do so! [Video] Originally uploaded by kid1412d

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Track from "Tetsuo: The Bullet Man"

This is the theme composed by Nine Inch Nails for Shinya Tsukamoto’s third Tetsuo, and, it’s not the first time Tsukamoto + NiN “work” together, remember this MTV clip? Word is, the film is better than the Venice Film Fest cut. [Video] Via ThePlaylist

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Oh! Le Joli Mois de Mai à Paris #2

This Tokiko Kato song became popular among the japanese students during the protest movements of the late 1960s. The title can loosely be translated by “What a beautiful May in Paris“, based on a french song about May 1968. To keep this revolutionary mood intact, go (re)watch Wakamatsu’s United Red Army, Oshima’s Night & Fog […]

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Track from Paul Schrader’s Mishima (1985)

Another beautiful score by Philip Glass! Has anyone seen the short film Seasons of Passion / A Requiem: Mishimas (2006) in which, artist Yasumasa Morimura re-enacts Mishima’s final speech? [Video]

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Track From School on Fire

Ringo Lam’s School on Fire is a bomb thrown at the face of the Hong Kong society, showing its complete corruption/failure, it’s darkest film of the ‘On Fire’ trilogy, buy it). The film ends with this great song by Maria Cordero; [Video] Thx P’tit Panda@HKC

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