Throughout history, human beings have always found new and interesting ways to express themselves. The form and content of our expressions contribute significantly to our culture. Towards this end, new mediums of expression and communication have been created throughout the ages. Popular knowledge holds that it started with cave paintings and moved onto language which was recorded in the form of scriptures. In the modern age, many new discoveries and inventions precipitated new forms of expression. Most noteworthy of these are the new media formats of photographs and videos.

Video¬†perhaps is the most accessible form of media. Even the lowest common denominations of society are usually able to comprehend video content despite their lack of formal schooling. This makes the method of audiovisual communication a good option to reach the masses. Even among video content, there is a great deal of variety. Videos can be in the form of simple vlogs that don’t involve much editing. Or, they could take the form of professionally made content created by film studies.

The latter is usually of much more interest due to the variety of interesting filming techniques applied. The high production quality is usually immediately evident. A-list actors, photo-realistic computer-generated special effects, excellent screenplay and writing are all hallmarks of big budget films.
Creating a feature-length Hollywood blockbuster is certainly an onerous task involving the efforts of an innumerable number of people working in different fields and tackling different aspects of film production. For example, a casting director selects the actors who will feature in the film, the make-up artists and costume designers model the appearance of the actors to fit the film, the lighting crew adjusts the lighting conditions on set, set directors to figure out the dynamics of the set, how it’ll be made as well as select the props that’ll be featured on it, etc. Basically, the creation of just a single movie is the combined effort of a cast and crew so vast that most don’t even realize just how many people it takes to make a make a movie.

Most people are usually only familiar with the lead actors and the directors of a movie. However, behind the scenes, there is an innumerable number of people working in the studio to bring the director’s vision to life. The credits scene is usually the only time we get to appreciate all the men and women who toil in the entertainment industry to bring larger than imagination movies to life.

Many things which we assume are not given much consideration are actually addressed to a meticulous degree. For example, most people don’t appreciate the creative approach make-up artists and sound artists have to take to implement their art. We simply see and appreciate the final result without considering the effort it took behind the scenes to make it. In fact, in many cases, we may not notice at all and take their work for granted. Ironically, it is when we don’t explicitly notice the work of different production teams that we can conclude their work has been commendable since this means they did their job perfectly and kept the illusion of the movie alive.