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Teaser for Johnnie To’s Blind Detective!

A high concept thriller a la Mad Detective?

Teaser for Johnnie To's Blind Detective!Blind Detective is the story of a police captain is blinded during a mission, and forced into an early retirement. Shortly after, an officer comes to find him for help, thinking his blindness/developed senses might be of use. Starring Andy Lau & Sammi Cheng as the lead characters!

After few years making few mainland comedies, while working on a personal project of his — the social drama Life Without Principle about the economical crisis — HK director Johnnie To is back in 2013 with two more “conventional” projects; crime genre films.

The first one is Drug War, coming out early April, which seems to be some kind of “mainland Exiled” — in terms of fan-service, looks like a typical Johnnie To crime drama, aiming for the Chinese mainland market. And then the second project, Blind Detective, which seems to be similar to To’s Mad Detective, that is to say, an original thriller involving bits of philosophy (check out the few lines in the teaser, the blindness is both physical & emotional), with an intriguing idea (using a blind man’s abilities to solve a case).

The film will be released on May 2, 2013 in Hong Kong.

Sources: TwitchFilm, Mtime, @TheGoldenRock

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