Trailer for Ip Man, The Final Battle

Hong Kong director Herman Yau on the late years of Ip Man, starring Anthony Wong as the aging master.

Trailer for Ip Man, The Final BattleIp Man, The Final Battle is set in postwar Hong Kong, with the grandmaster trying to live quietly while teaching his art of Wing Chun. But after accepting challenges from rival kung fu masters, Ip Man is slowly facing a bigger problem: the Triads.

Herman Yau isn’t the most acclaimed filmmakers from Hong Kong, yet, he’s among the very few directors who have delivered some efficient entertaining spectacles in the past recent years.

For example, The Woman of the Knight Mirror Lake was the perfect alternative to Chan’s 1911, bringing action & fun together without falling deep into propaganda. That was *almost* the same thing between his The Legend is Born and Donnie Yen’s Ip Man 2 — same subject/main character but different budgets/angles.

So, Yau returns with another version of Ip Man, the same year than Wong Kar-wai! Expect less philosophy and contemplative shots, more action with Anthony Wong kicking asses in dark alleys! And it should also be interesting to see how the film depicts HK during the 1950s…

Ip Man, The Final Battle will be released in HK in April 2013.

Sources: FilmSmash, TheFilmCatalogue

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