Teaser for South Korean film Fist of Legend

By the director of Public Enemy.

Teaser for South Korean action film Fist of LegendFist of Legend is the story of a nobody who decides to participate to a new reality show tv. The concept? Normal people are thrown into a battle arena to fight between them, the final winner gets a load of money.

It’s based on a webcomic published on the Korean site Daum — you can check it out right here, even if you don’t read Korean, it’s worth taking a look as it’s a popular publication practice over there.

As for the film itself, it looks like a violent and nihilist piece of work, more focused on delivering spectacular and solid fights than exploring the potentially subversive subject — television + entertainment + violence.

Fist of Legend will come out in South Korea in April 2013.

Sources: AsianWiki, @Legendfist

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