Trailer! Bad Girl Mako

One of the latest non-erotic film produced by japanese studios Nikkatsu.

Just like the Stray Cat Rock film series, Bad Girl Mako (1971) involves gangs, angry youth, rebel girls with bloody fights, plus a little sexy touch. And a funky soundtrack. A rough, not that stylized film to mark the end of an era?

Bad Girl Mako stars actress Junko Natsu as Mako, you may remember her face from Wakamatsu’s Violated Angels, a girl in love with some bad boy who gets into trouble with the gang ruling the city…

Somehow, the ‘perverted’ answer to the Sun Tribe films (referring to the postwar generation) produced in the late ’50s by Nikkatsu – like Crazed Fruits. The film’s U.S rights were acquired in 2008 by distributor Cinema Epoch, but no news since then.

A little extra, with two behind the scenes photos. A low-budget production, an outside shooting, a handheld camera, with a small crew around (you can see director Koretsugu Kurahara, on the right in the 1st pic, in the middle on the 2nd). The glorious days of the studios are over.

AKA 不良少女魔子

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