Flying Swords of Dragon Gate! Tsui Hark in 3D!!!

Detective Dee proved to be one of the most interesting chinese film released in 2010, combining pure entertainment with Hark’s talent to create nice & well thoughts visuals (where every shots claimed, everything is an illusion). Tsui Hark is now making his first steps into 3D, directing the wu xia pic Flying Swords of Dragon Gate!

Like many other directors, Tsui Hark is showing an interest for 3D films. And he’s taking it really seriously, trying to figure out what it can bring to story, other than just pop out effects. After finishing Detective Dee, he spent few months working on the question, finding the right materials & staff. He even directed an experimental 3D film, Catching Monkey. So, yes, he has that level of commitment!

Flying of Swords of Dragon Gate is loosely based on Tsui Hark’s 1992 produced film New Dragon Inn Gate — which was the remake of King Hu’s famous film. The story is set during the Ming Dynasty, a powerful eunuch has violently crushed revolts, establishing a reign of terror. With his troops, he’s now chasing the remaining rebels. Which are stuck in the Dragon Inn, a place for thieves, assassins…

Tsui Hark has actually made some changes for this new version. According to the leaked trailer (see above), it’s now about an “evil Queen”, looking for “pregnant concubines” (?). The story should take us from the Imperial court to the promising “Lost city under the desert”. Adding a more feminine touch to the film, which also looks pretty epic — more details coming later?

A highly possible political background, with interesting & nuanced characters all trying to achieve something, let it be for love or personal justice or else… Flying of Swords of Dragon Gate already smells like an intriguing martial arts action thriller. But what about the 3D? And the fight scenes? As seen in this trailer, fights aren’t overly cut, confirming what said Twitch with Tsui Hark filming action sequences “in confined spaces with the camera rooted in one spot, this allows you to simply enjoy the action as it unfolds and moves within the scene”. Just like Dee, don’t expect Tsui Hark to be “chaotic”?!

The chinese theatrical release date is set for December 16, 2011.

The first teaser;

The leaked trailer was supposedly shot during the Beijing press conference, May 23rd, 2011;

Source: Mtime
Thanks to Cody@HKC & Twitch, @TheGoldenRock, FilmSmash

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