Asian film news roundup: Redline on UK DVD…

As usual, some news for you!

# Takeshi Koike’s crazy racing anime Redline should be out on DVD/BR in the UKby September 6th“, 2011. Another long-awaited anime, Hellsing OVA 8, will be finally released on June 22nd in Japan!

# A minimalist poster for Oldboy. Nice to see that some designers aren’t focused on the always same top-10 classics to create original new posters!

# Short news; Bedevilled director is actually working on his new project, it’s called Hi, Anna, and this is the story of “a lone female warrior in a city where everyone has vanished”. More details asap.

# “Why the anime industry is ignoring the elephant in the room when it shouts about piracy”.

# You’ve been dying to read something on the Yubari Film Festival 2011? Enjoy! (thanks Isaac!)

# Koji Morimoto fans, you can now go watch some of his works on this page!

# An on-set video of Brillante Mendoza’s Captured! To be selected for Cannes ’11?

# An english-subtitled trailer for Takashi Miike’s Nintama Rantaro (english working title is Ninja Kids!!!). It’s confirming the film is a light-hearted and naive comedy for children,

# Off-topic. A fascinating, and funny, video analyzing a shitty script. In this case, it’s Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, explaining why it was poorly written.

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