Asian film news roundup: ‘Tatsumi’, Nippon Connection…

As usual, some news for ya all!

# An exciting news from the HK Filmart! Twitch had the chance to watch the 3D promo of Tsui Hark’s Flying Sword of Dragon Gate, writing that “the pleasant surprise was how clearly Hark has mastered the 3D technology“. More interesting is what it actually says on the use of 3D during a fight scene!

# From the Hong Kong Film Festival: director Shunji Iwai wrote a letter about the Japanese earthquake and the nuclear incident, explaining why he couldn’t attend the screening of Vampire.

# Director Lu Chuan (City of life & Death) talking of his upcoming epic film, The Last Supper.

# Nippon Connection 2011 (April 27-May 1), the full lineup is now online. Among other things, some titles to look forward; Hero Show, Keiichi Hara’s Colorful, Takashi Ishii’s A night in Nude: Salvation, Devil Has Come, Go Shibata’s Doman Seman (trailer), Zeze’s Heaven’s Story, Kyojima 3rd St., Sumida City, Midori-ko, Sankaku, Sketches of Kaitan City, Sweet Little Lies, Tuesday Girl, Wandering Home (thanks Ryuganji for the recommendations).

# Eric Khoo directing an animated film? It still sounds intriguing, but now, we can actually see some footage of Tatsumi in this Making Of where the director and his team give us behind-the-scenes details about this project.

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