The Most Anticipated Asian Movies of 2011

The Most Anticipated Asian Movies of 2011

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In 2011, what movies can we expect from Japan, China, South Korea…?


The Most Anticipated Asian Movies of 2011
Tsui Hark’s The Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate

Back with Detective Dee, Tsui Hark is working on a 3D film! And to really understand how 3D works, what it can bring to the narrative, Hark first experimented some ideas on a film called Catching Monkey (out early 2011?). So that the director can prove with his new film, Flying Swords, that chinese blockbusters can easily compete with Hollywood technology. Knowing Jet Li will be leading the cast of this martial arts film in which some people will be meeting in an inn, each one having its own story…
Release Date: December 2011 (China)
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The Most Anticipated Asian Movies of 2011
Satoshi Kon’s posthum film The Dream Machine

The death of Satoshi Kon shocked every fans around the world. The director was working on his new, and unfortunately last film which he defined as “a future folklore story for children“, but also “an adventure that even older audiences can appreciate“. Leaving notes & directions behind him, the film should be completed for a 2011 release?
Release Date: 2011 (Japan)

The Most Anticipated Asian Movies of 2011
John Woo’s Flying Tigers

Who wants to watch some aerial battles filmed in IMAX by John Woo? This (new) epic war film is about an American squadron who trained the first Chinese fighter pilots to take on Japan during WW2. It should offer some amazing action scenes, with Woo exploring the IMAX format, even though the story of an intercultural friendship may sound kind of corny, or naive. We can have faith in the Red Cliff director to find the right balance!
Release Date: Late 2011 Pushed back to 2012 (China/US)

The Most Anticipated Asian Movies of 2011
Makoto Shinkai’s Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below

The anime director Makoto Shinkai is returning with the story of a girl, going on a journey to meet a boy. During this adventure, she’ll discover the beauties & horrors of the world. Like his previous film, 5 Centimeters per Second, it looks visually astonishing, with a touch of wonder & adventure. Quite an ambitious project to look forward!
Release Date: May 2011 (Japan)
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The Most Anticipated Asian Movies of 2011
Peter Chan’s Wu Xia

A new exciting martial arts film by the director of The Warlords. The film will follow a detective hunting an ex-assassin living in a remote place, in China 1920s. Peter Chan plans to “reboot” the genre, saying he “wants to demonstrate the physicality and lethality of martial arts by injecting medical and scientific elements into action choreography”. An asian movie starring Donnie Yen and Takeshi Kaneshiro.
Release Date: July 4, 2011 (China)
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The Most Anticipated Asian Movies of 2011
Takashi Miike’s Harakiri 3D

Yeah, it seems unreal: Miike + Remake + Kobayashi’s classic film + 3D. But considering his 13 Assassins remake is said to be one of the best chambara released recently, it might be wise to give Miike the benefit of the doubt. And wait to see how he will choose to tell this intense yet unspectacular story of a ronin coming to the residence of a Lord, asking to commit suicide.
Release Date: October 2011 (Japan)
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The Most Anticipated Asian Movies of 2011
Jackie Chan’s 1911

Announced as Chan’s 100th movie, 1911 will be about the Xinhai Revolution, which ended once and for all the Chinese Imperial system. The film should be released in October 2011, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this event… Let’s hope it’s not just another one-sided chinese blockbuster, because based on the first promo posters, it looks epic (with a badass Chan).
Release Date: October 2011 (China/US)
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The Most Anticipated Asian Movies of 2011
Benny Chan’s Shaolin

Let’s forget all about Chan’s 2010 film City Under Siege to focus on what appears to be a promising blockbuster martial arts film. Set in the troubled China of the 1920s, with a Lord turned Shaolin monk who must defend the famous Temple against an ambitious mean Lord. This classic plot should allow Benny Chan to make what he’s good at: a nice entertaining film!
Release Date: 26 January 2011 (China)
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