Kitano back in a WW2 Drama

Kitano back in a WW2 Drama

In 2008, Kitano played Hideki Tojo, Japan’s wartime Prime Minister, in a docu-drama aired on Christmas Eve on TBS (it drew 12.1% of TV viewers according to JapanToday). TBS is now announcing a new WW2 drama called “Kikoku” to air on August 14, just before the anniversary of Japan’s surrender (aka Japan’s longest day). The story;

The fantasy story starts when a unscheduled train arrives at Tokyo Station, carrying the ghosts of a group of soldiers who died honorably during World War II and dropping them off in present-day Tokyo. Kitano plays one of the soldiers, a private first class, who visits his younger sister, but he becomes violent upon witnessing her current misery.

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3 thoughts on “Kitano back in a WW2 Drama”

  1. Strangely, I’ve never seen any fansub version for this drama, when usually, every crappy drama is subbed within 72h. Even the Takeshi Kitano factor didn’t help!?!

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