Akihabara, Kirsten Dunst, Superflat

Akihabara, Kirsten Dunst, Superflat

Have you seen the clip featuring american actress Kirsten Dunst in a cosplay outfit?

Well, it’s a remake of Vapors’ hit “Turning Japanese”. And it’s funny to compare both clips, at least to notice the evolution of ‘Japanese clichés’. Before, it was all about Geishas & Samurais, now it’s Otakus, Animation, Cosplay…

But cliché, really? After all, this clip is produced by superflat artist Takashi Murakami, who believes the new japanese culture can exist without the Western influence…

So, are you ready to “turn japanese”?


One thought on “Akihabara, Kirsten Dunst, Superflat”

  1. I hate the song and both videos, but you make a good point. Sometimes we run into these not-so-well-informed western JP aficionados who are always critizising the cliché image foreigners have of Japan. But in fact, a lot of these cliché are based on reality, and Japan too, has a mainstream (and otaku) audience that really isn’t any more sophisticated than that of any other country’s.

    Of course cliché always give very one sided image of a country, but it doesn’t mean that side doesn’t exist. And you don’t have to go to Akiba to encounter things such as overuse of the words hazukashii (embarrasing) and kawaii (cute), karaoke craze, poor knowledge of the outside world, or hear a Japanese person say “Dragon Ball? Uwaa, Dragon Ball daisuki!!!”…

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