Black Movie Film Festival 2010!

Black Movie Film Festival 2010!

Black Movie is a Switzerland film fest, running from Feb 12 to 21, 2010, in Geneva. Several asian films are announced, including chinese indie documentaries, indonesian films & recent famous films. Here are some details:

MADE IN CHINA: Chinese indie doc about everyday life in a country overshaded by the Yuan

Films that provide the key to understanding the other facets of China’s economic miracle. Impossible to remain indifferent to these documentaires, that include family sagas and authentic testimonials. With the advent of digital cameras, the development of the independent Chinese documentary has advanced apace over the past decade. Many small companies directed by film-makers have emerged, allowing them to make films with relative freedom. You are also invited to the Independent Chinese Documentary Market (MADIC) where numerous other independent documentaries will be available for viewing during the festival.

* How to define an independent Chinese documentary?: Round table moderated by independent Chinese documentary specialist Aurélia Dubouloz. Guest film-makers: Hu Xunyiu (Close-ups of a family in China’s transition), Huang Weikai (Disorder), He Yuan Wang (Father and Son) and Du Haibin (1428) (to be confirmed).

I-SINEMA: Indonesian new wave from the country of the 17000 islands

Like the Dogma 95 Manifesto signatories before them, young film directors gathered around the I-Sinema Manifesto – a statement advocating purified film-making, use of modest means and sticking to the scenario – whose aim was to free Indonesian cinema from the straitjacket of standardized film-making. Ten years later, danger hovers: a restrictive law on films about to come into force is upsetting Indonesia’s independent cinema industry.

* An appeal to (common) sense
Round table moderated by Bastian Meiresonne, Asian cinema consultant, with the presence of Nia Dinata (Love for Share), Mouly Surya (Fiksi) and Riri Riza ( Eliana, Eliana).

+ Recent films:
– Thirst, Park Chan Wook
– Kinatay, Brillante Mendoza
– Symbol, Hitoshi Matsumoto
– Wakaranai (Where are you?), Masahiro Kobayashi

Check also the official website for further informations!

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