Cannes 2009—A New Asian Film Wave Coming?

Cannes 2009—A New Asian Film Wave Coming?

Yes, there’s many asian films at Cannes this year, but, it’s always the same directors.

So what? Last year, we were complaining that Asian Cinema was becoming less attractive in the West, with bad DVD sales, the end of several labels… As if people were getting bored by asian films?

And this year, Johnnie To is aiming for the mass market – not the specialized one, Oldboy director’s last film has already created a buzz on the internet… Meaning, Asian films are trying to reach a larger audience.

Always the same directors, maybe, but they may also help improving the overall situation/recognition of Asian Cinema in the West – opening the market. All is needed is a prize (or not?) to ‘create’ a new asian film wave?

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