Cannes 2009—A New Asian Film Wave Coming?

Cannes 2009—A New Asian Film Wave Coming?

Yes, there’s many asian films at Cannes this year, but, it’s always the same directors.

So what? Last year, we were complaining that Asian Cinema was becoming less attractive in the West, with bad DVD sales, the end of several labels… As if people were getting bored by asian films?

And this year, Johnnie To is aiming for the mass market – not the specialized one, Oldboy director’s last film has already created a buzz on the internet… Meaning, Asian films are trying to reach a larger audience.

Always the same directors, maybe, but they may also help improving the overall situation/recognition of Asian Cinema in the West – opening the market. All is needed is a prize (or not?) to ‘create’ a new asian film wave?

5 thoughts on “Cannes 2009—A New Asian Film Wave Coming?”

  1. “Last year, we were complaining that Asian Cinema was becoming less attractive in the West”

    I think exactly the opposite! Asian cinema its becoming more ‘fashionable’, which is, for me, not a good thing….more when you see always the same directors getting all the attention. It´s really annoying, but i guess that´s what the big/wider audience only wants to see…..

    “new asian film wave”?

    Well, i really don’t want to see a new asian film wave based on the ridiculous excitement created by an oscar, like we saw with Departures…….

    If that´s the wave you are talking about i prefer to see a “flat ocean”.

  2. Faire preuve d’un peu de bon sens n’est pas difficile, AVN. Tous les auteurs asiatiques présents en compétition -ou non- cette année à Cannes sont d’une TOUTE AUTRE TREMPE que celle de Yojiro Takita. Réduire le cinéma asiatique et sa vague actuelle à celui de Departures -pourtant très bon- qui est formaté pour une cérémonie comme les Oscars c’est refuser une certaine réalité : l’année 2009 affiche clairement les ambitions du cinéma asiatique sur la scène mondiale.

  3. I didn’t reduce anything. I just mention “Departures” because Michael finished his article with a reference to “prizes” and how that could help in a “new asian film wave” (that a still don’t understand what he exactly means by that). Was just a practical example of a award that i see not as beneficial as someone might think…….

    By the way, any connection between this article and my comment on the previous article about Cannes? humm….i think you didn’t understand my point.

    p.s. Carth, my french it´s a bit rusty :)

  4. A new wave = to awake a new interest in people’s minds. Bringing new names/films into the market, once flooded by crappy asian horrors films.

  5. Well, if even a site dedicated to ASIAN cinema like yours, in an article about ASIAN films @ Cannes completely neglects half a dozen of ASIAN movies and underlines only the names that are well known even to the “non-asian” public….I think that tells you something about “awake a new interest in people’s minds. Bringing new names/films”.

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