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Shochiku: February ’09 DVD Releases!

Shochiku: February '09 DVD Releases!

Three japanese movies are coming out this 02/25/2009 on DVD, without subs, and I’m sure it can still interest some of you! Instead of trailers, Shochiku published a video preview for these titles:


Shochiku: February '09 DVD Releases!
Village of Doom (1983, Noboru Tanaka)

« During the Second World War, a young man from a secluded village is denied the chance to serve in the Japanese army through his tuberculosis. Highly intelligent, although isolated, he lives with his kindly grandmother. » (Amazon)

Shochiku: February '09 DVD Releases!
The Shoutout (Kyodan, 1982, Toru Murakawa)

Nothing found! Anyone, maybe?(Amazon)

Shochiku: February '09 DVD Releases!
Four Days of Snow and Blood (226, 1989, Hideo Gosha)

« Idealistic young officers rebel against the direction pursued by the Emperor and his advisors during the war in China. 2-2-6 refers to the date of the rebellion, February 26, 1936. » (Amazon)

Thanks Mikko!

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