The Good, The Bad, The Weird: 2 Different Versions?!

The Good, The Bad, The Weird: 2 Different Versions?!

With the french cinema release, differences have been noticed between the Korean Cut and, what may be the International Cut:

The main differences are at the begining and the end of the movie. Before the train scene, the Good meets with the Korean Resistance Movement, which gives us some details about his motives. Also, most of the Korean Resistance Movement scenes have been cut. So the storyline is different.

But in the International Cut (?), a scene has been added. At the end of the final course, the Weird uses dynamites in the mountain to stop the Japanese Army.

The end is different. After the final duel, and before the credits, an important scene is missing: SPOILERS

In the Korean Cut, when the duel is over, the Weird gets back on his feet, takes off an iron shield, and steals the diamonds from the Bad (the ones he stole from his “boss”). Then the Army’s coming for oil, but the Weird lights dynamites, the Army runs away and everything explodes.

After, there’s the wanted notice board scene. Next, the Good kills some guys in a bar. And finally, the Weird’s riding his moto!

Anything else to add?

The Korean Cut is 135min.
The International Cut (or only French one?) is 128min.

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