Nemuri Kyoshiro: The Sleepy Eyes of Death!

Nemuri Kyoshiro: The Sleepy Eyes of Death!

A short overview of the Nemuri Kyoshiro film series.

Nemuri Kyoshiro is a wanderer trying to figure out his origins. Son of a black mass, he has an androgynous face, and red hair, which isn’t common for a Japanese ronin… And of course, he knows how to be respected, and feared by everyone: he’s a talented swordsman, reknown for his famous deadly technique, the Full Moon Cut. But most of all, he’s a cold and cynical man, ready to kill without any problems!

Around him, people aren’t better. Moral values are outdated, and everybody is obsessed with power and cruelty. No one can be trusted, even women. Because beauty is the most deadly trick! That’s what we can called a nihilistic era!

But as a character, Nemuri Kyoshiro will never be really developed. His past is used in 2/3 movies and then it’s gone for ever! The same goes for his cynical behavior! In fact each movies give a new face to Nemuri Kyoshiro: in the 5th episode, he’s a Yojimbo-like (remember Kurosawa’s film), in the 3th he’s helping poor people… But he’s not Nemuri Kyoshiro! It seems like nobody knew what to do with this character. If it’s an interesting process to watch, it’s also really frustrating.

N°4 – Sword of seduction: Kyoshiro faces his past!
N°7 – Mask of the princess: A Visually Astounding piece of work!
N°10 – Hell is a Woman: Kyoshiro, between belief and opportunism!

Nemuri Kyoshiro was a great idea, done at the wrong time?

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