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Most of us think that movies can only fit into a few genres. Action, comedy, drama, thriller, adventure and horror are typically thought of as the only types of movies that are made and released. While this is mostly true for blockbusters that are screened at cinema halls and multiplexes, there are also a plethora of movies that don’t exactly fit into any of these genres. One of the most prolific examples out of the less common genres are coffee films.

I don’t blame you if this genre of films sounds uncommon to you. After all, there are only a few films that have been made that carry this tag. Nonetheless, they are an important part of the world of cinema. Coffee films are quite unconventional from the get-go. The narrative of most movies revolves around a central protagonist who’s confronted with a problem early in the film and the rest of the movie is about how he tries to overcome the problem and is eventually victorious. Coffee movies, in contrast, usually put coffee front and center as the character most important to the story. The films focus on the demand for coffee, how it’s made, processed and shipped to the different parts of the world.

Some coffee films conform to this kind of an informative structure to a great degree. A great example of this sort of film would be “A Film About Coffee” which was released in 2014. True to its title, the movie describes the world’s preference for specialty coffees. It shows how coffee is prepared in the style of a typical documentary. While critics found the information that the movie conveyed intriguing, the lack of an actual story made audiences feel it was a little boring.

This wasn’t the only documentary style film about coffee. Realistically speaking, any film that has its focus squarely on coffee and shows its impact in the world usually falls under the documentary category. In 2011, a movie called “Caffeinated” was released. It showed how coffee impacted the farmers who grew it and the effect it had on the lives of people who regularly drink it. A mix of interesting cinematography and informative facts made watching this movie a fun affair.

Though most films about coffee are generally documentaries, that doesn’t mean that films that feature coffee in a more standard story don’t exist. Such movies, due to the structure of their story, can’t focus on coffee first and foremost. However, they do feature coffee as an integral part of the story and show how it affects the protagonist’s character development. A prime example of such a movie would the 2015 film “Barista” which followed the story of the competitors at the World Barista Championship. Another great entry to the genre was “The Coffee Man” which showed the journey of a man from Ethiopia to Seattle to become a world champion barista.

The best way to enjoy any of these films would be to watch them with a nice cup of hot coffee by your side. To make coffee that can rival the quality of those sold in cafe’s, you’ll need a coffee machine. A great place to pick one up from would be a site like

Nordstrom Merch For Movies

Nordstrom is a well-reputed luxury department store. People usually visit Nordstrom to buy fashionable clothes and accessories such as handbags and shoes. Being high-fashion, Nordstrom items are always in demand and the brand commands some degree of respect. While most items cater to use in general scenarios, a lot of the store’s merchandise is well-suited to be used when visiting a movie theater. Several of the stocked items are designed to boost comfort and relaxation when sitting in a hall to watch a movie.

These items, though having different forms and functions, are designed to alleviate common issues people face when watching movies. For example, movie halls are often fitted with very powerful air conditioning units which can make the theater too cold for someone who is sensitive to low temperatures. This, in turn, may cause the person to catch a cold. At a store such as the nordstrom yorktown mall, there’s a huge selection of clothes that can be worn to combat the cold. Wearing something that can keep you warm in a cold hall and improve your movie-going experience.

Another common problem that some people have when sitting in a movie hall is that looking up at the screen for long and continuous durations can strain their neck. To combat this problem, Nordstrom sells special U-shaped cushions that can be wrapped around the neck. This cushion is not only soft and comfortable but also shares the burden of supporting your head with your neck, resulting in less strain.

Some of the most popular merchandise that Nordstrom sells to movie-goers are movie themed T-shirts. These high-quality T-shirts come in bright and colorful hues with fun and witty graphics featuring characters from popular movies printed on them. While they don’t improve the movie-watching experience in a direct way, wearing a fun shirt is an easy way to show the others at the hall that you’re a huge fan of the movie that you’re watching.

Family planning films

Reproductive health films attract diverse stakeholders from all occupations. The rising cost of living and government policies determine the uptake of various family planning methods. Hormonal or non-hormonal family planning methods, a film will give you a practical look at the effects and the principles behind the family planning methods for your own discretion. Health experts should direct the film since people tend to practice what they see. The narrator must give insights on all the family planning methods for the viewer to use his own discretion on the best method.

Hormonal family planning methods

Conceiving involves the work of the production of progesterone hormone which fertilizes the ova and prepares the uterus for receiving the baby. If not, a woman gets her menstrual period. Hormonal pills counter react and reverse the principle instead it releases oestrogen which inhibits the production of progesterone making you enjoy sex without the worry of becoming pregnant. The type of food increases the fertility levels of the women and that is why the natural ways are bound to fail. In a film, it shows the reproductive process and even gives the side effects of each hormonal pill. You can have the daily pill or the injection.

A once off pill “morning- after” pill consumed within 72 hours helps one-night stand individuals who have a regular cycle and so certain on their safe and unsafe days. Although, it should be used sparingly for it can lead to ectopic pregnancy (carrying a pregnancy in the fallopian tubes rather than the uterus, it is always an emergency and sometimes fatal. A film should give you the difference between a normal pregnancy and an ectopic pregnancy.

This form of family planning has adverse side effects on women with hormonal imbalance and related illnesses like the thyroid gland inflammation.

Non-hormonal family planning method

The Inter Uterine Devices (IUCDs)is a metallic rod which is placed in the cervix to prevent swimming of sperms to the uterus. It creates a barrier between the sperms and the ovum preventing fertilization. The metal is made of copper and has no side effects, recommended for individuals with hormonal imbalances. Condoms are also a good way of family planning. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control admit 70 percent of the youth population use condoms. The manufacturer admits that there is increase production of the family planning method among the young and unmarried population. The film demonstrates the use of condoms and the dos and don’ts in handling condoms as a safe family planning method.

Surgical methods

If you need to stop giving birth completely you can opt for tubal ligation for women or vasectomy for men. It involved tying the fallopian tubes and the urethra respectively. It is a non-reversible decision that requires counseling for couples to allow them to make an informed decision.

There is a myth that family planning is for the women. The truth is family planning is a collective responsibility of the couples and should be discouraged among the youth instead, they should condemn premarital sex. A film of family planning is an educative audiovisual content to alleviate ignorance and promote family planning literacy among the public.

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